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Respected business news and trade media outlets turn to John and his team for clarification on important and timely issues. John Burns regularly appears on national TV and major media discussing current housing industry topics, and many of his team leaders are featured regularly in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, CNBC, and USA Today. Below are some of his most recent press appearances.

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Older millennials are leaving the city for a new kind of suburb

Yahoo Finance | August 2017

Why live in a metropolis when you can find urban perks in the suburbs?

Older millennials are realizing they don’t have a good answer to that question anymore. The result: a migration out of the city.


Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing: Big Shifts Ahead

Jason Hartman Podcast | February 2017

Jason kicks off this episode with a reminder about the support he and his team gives their clients and his thoughts about the Trump administration and the forthcoming inflation. Guest Chris Porter is the coauthor of Big Shifts Ahead and the Vice President and Chief Demographer at John Burns Real Estate Consulting. Chris explains how demographic issues affect the real estate market, the economy and business cycles.


Small Business Radio: John Burns

The Small Business Advocate | January 2017

John Burns joins Jim Blasingame to reveal his way of thinking about generations as demographic behaviors, especially regarding Millennials.


Surveillance: Trump to Be Reaganomics on Steroids, Rattner Says

Bloomberg | November 2016

Steve Rattner, Willett Advisors’ chairman, says Donald Trump’s policies can transform the U.S. economy. Prior to that, John Burns of John Burns Real Estate Consulting, says the housing market is recovering and new home buyers are slowly entering the market.


Why the Multifamily Should Stop Worrying about Home Sales...Forever

Realpage | November 2016

This webinar features RealPage chief economist Greg Willett and MPF YieldStar’s Jay Parsons, along with special guest John Burns from John Burns Real Estate Consulting. Topics include: the state of the apartment industry, single-family vs. multifamily, and a Q&A with John Burns.


Millennial Trends

The Real Wealth Show Podcast | October 2016

Will new home builders flood the market like they did in 2006? Or will we continue to see a lack of inventory moving forward. Will Baby Boomers die off and leave too many homes on the market? Will Millennials be renting or buying homes? John Burns joins Kathy Fettke on the Real Wealth Show Podcast to answer all of these questions.


The Norris Group Real Estate Radio Show #508: John Burns

The Norris Group | October 2016

John Burns joins Bruce Norris on the Real Estate Radio podcast, where he discusses his newest book, Big Shifts Ahead: Demographic Clarity for Businesses.


The Rise, the Fall, and the Trend of U.S. Housing

Bloomberg | July 2016

Bloomberg's Tom Keene speaks with John Burns, chief executive officer at John Burns Real Estate Consulting, and Joachim Fels, global economic advisor at Pimco, on "Bloomberg Surveillance."


Double-edged Sword

CNBC | July 2016

A CNBC clip that explains how an increasing amount of regulations are affecting first-time home buyers.


Under One Roof: Multigenerational Housing Big for Builders

CNBC | February 2016

A clip from CNBC that takes a look at the growing trend of multi-generational living arrangements.


In-home Water Recycling System

CNBC | May 2015

A clip from CNBC shows us the first in-home water recycling system that could save two-thirds of the water in a home.


Home Builders Bet on Active Housing

CNBC | December 2014

A CNBC clip discussing the success home builders are having targeting retirees, even in non-traditional retirement markets such as Atlanta.


What's Behind the Housing Summer Slump?

Fox Business | August 2014

John Burns Real Estate Consulting CEO John Burns weighs in on the latest housing data.


Are Young Families Squeezed Out of US Housing?

Bloomberg | June 2014

John Burns, Chief Executive Officer at John Burns Real Estate Consulting, discusses the influence of foreign buyers on California’s high-end real estate market and the distortion of the haves and have-nots in U.S. housing.


Regulatory Issues Hurting the Housing Market?

Fox Business | May 2014

John Burns on the latest housing outlook and how regulatory issues are hurting the housing market.


New Home Sales Heat Up

Fox Business | December 2013

John Burns gives insight on 440,000 new home sales in October and how headlines may have been misleading.


Is it Better to be a Buyer or Seller in this Housing Market?

Fox Business | September 2013

Fox Business' Gerri Willis interviews John Burns on the current outlook of housing and whether it is better to be a buyer or seller.


Making Sense of the Housing Recovery

Fox Business | August 2013

John Burns breaks down the current state of the housing recovery.


Hedge Funds Dump Housing

Fox Business | June 2013

John Burns on hedge funds’ decision to ditch the rental home business.


To Rent or Buy?

Fox Business | May 2013

Mortgage Bankers Association chief economist Jay Brinkman and John Burns, of John Burns Real Estate Consulting, discuss whether renters will turn into buyers.


Will Housing Prices Go Up?

Fox Business | February 2013

John Burns says that prices are trending higher in the real estate market.


Housing Recovery Building Momentum?

Fox Business | January 2013

John Burns on the outlook for the housing market and recovery.


Five Types of Buyers Rushing Into Housing Market

Fox Business | January 2013

John Burns on the outlook for the housing market and recovery.