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Three New Frameworks

Huge demographic shifts, driven by new technologies, government policies, economic circumstances, and social shifts are disrupting business models all over the United States. Business executives know that their customers are changing, but have a difficult time quantifying and predicting the changes. John Burns and Chris Porter developed 3 new frameworks to make trends easier to identify and analyze. Each framework brings clarity to the overwhelming volume of data and anecdotes that leave so many confused.

Framework #1
Usable Generational Definitions

John Burns and Chris Porter redefine the generations by decade born, making demographic shifts easier to understand and quantify.

Four Big Influencers

John and Chris identified the Four Big Influencers that explain why those born in different decades behave so differently. These Four Big Influencers will continue to shift behaviors for years to come.


Framework #3
Seven Biggest Opportunities

Burns and Porter devote a chapter to each of the seven biggest opportunities, forecast the future of each, and provide a framework to shift strategy when unexpected changes occur.